Episode 12 - Women, Rest & Social Justice

Season #1

Episode 12 - Women, Rest & Social Justice

Ever felt guilty for resting or making time for your own self-care & wellness? You’re not alone. On the larger background of ongoing social inequities that occur in the world, is REST an indulgence and a privilege? Is it something that one should ‘earn’ or deserve? Or is it a basic human right for all?

This episode will further our topic from last week. How do we sustain anything we do - work, family, advocacy and more - with a more regenerative approach to our emotional wellbeing?  


Links to articles discussed in this episode:

To read more about the social justice movement of radical self-care that was started by the Black Panther movement, click HERE

To read more about The Book of Joy by Desmond Tutu and the Dalai Lama, click HERE

To read more about the study on gender discrepancies and leisure time, click HERE

 To read my blog about Dialectical Thinking, click HERE.

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