Episode 11 - Coping With Community Disasters & Collective Trauma

Season #1

Episode 11 - Coping With Community Disasters & Collective Trauma

If you feel like it’s been non-stop world chaos over the last few years, you’ll want to listen to this episode. At a time in history where we have access to all the world’s trauma at once it can be incredibly overwhelming. We’ll be discussing how to balance caring for your own nervous system while also taking action to make needed changes you’d like to see in the world.

We’ll be diving deep to learn about both first hand trauma when you’re involved in community disasters, as well as something called ‘vicarious traumatization’ or ‘second hand trauma’ that can happen witnessing other's trauma, when we don’t have a skillset to navigate our own emotional & empathetic responses to situations. I’ll be sharing a skillset and concepts that therapists and disaster responders use in order to remain effective supporting long term positive changes in the world.

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