Episode 5 - Part 1: Women and Medical Gaslighting

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Episode 5 - Part 1: Women and Medical Gaslighting

This week we are building on last week’s episode about the Mind-Body Connection and starting a 3-Part series, starting with today’s episode discussing women and the healthcare system, including medical gaslighting that often occurs when physical health symptoms mirror mental health symptoms.

Next week’s episode Part 2 is where I’ll share my experience in early 2023 with an iron deficiency and post viral symptoms, including things that helped me recover, and how to be your own best advocate & researcher to work with (or sometimes outside of) the traditional medical system when you need to.

In part 3 I’ll share how I personally coped with the emotional aspect of health issues that become chronic, and how mindfulness practice has been research proven to be beneficial for people suffering from issues like chronic pain or chronic health conditions.

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Links to things discussed in this episode:

To read more about Social Determinants of Health, click HERE.

To read more about Healthcare Inequality in marginalized groups, click HERE.

To read more about Women and Healthcare Disparities, including Medical Gaslighting, click HERE.


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